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Gastric Sleeve Edna Bay Gastric Surgery in Alaska

What is a Gastric Sleeve in Edna Bay Alaska

[adsense leadin] Gastric sleeve surgery in Edna Bay Alaska, also known as tube gastrectomy, is a weight-loss surgical procedure that involves removing a large portion of the stomach in order to induce weight shedding in severely obese patients. It is claimed that in the first 1 to 2 years, patients on average lose 40-60% of excess weight with this procedure. Basically, a large portion of the stomach is removed along the major curve and the remaining parts are then stitched together in the shape of a tube or sleeve. A Gastric Sleeve in Edna Bay Alaska reduces stomach size so that the patient feels fuller after eating smaller meals. In fact the amount of food that can be taken in is often only about 10% of that which could be consume before the procedure. The technique also removes the portion of the stomach that produces hunger-inducing hormones thereby helping to control appetite. It is performed laparoscopically, meaning using minimally invasive methods, which also allows for a quicker recovery. Sometimes, gastric sleeve surgery in Edna Bay Alaska it is used as part of a two-phase operation in conjunction with gastric bypass, particularly in patients who have a BMI of greater than 60. gastric bypass cost Edna Bay 99950

Gastric sleeve surgery in Edna Bay Alaska helping everyday problems

According to research, many employees in the U.S. are now missing work days due to obesity-related illness to the point of costing employers more than $13 billion per year. There’s little doubt that a similar problem is developing in other western countries. Obesity and the complications from it are becoming more common than at any time in history. While we have solved the issue of inadequate food, we have at the same time created a new problem thanks to excess food and sedentary occupations and means of travel. With more food intake and less daily exercise, it’s not hard to see why our society in general is becoming obese each year.

Of course the best way to deal with this problem on an individual level is through diet and exercise. However for some people, attempts result in continual failure as they go through the yo-yo effect of losing weight and putting it back on again. Their weight often increases over time, despite frequent dieting. A gastric sleeve in Edna Bay Alaska is quite a radical surgical procedure but it can help the severely obese to lose weight quite quickly and effectively. It is not a solution on its own as it requires the co-operation of the patient in changing their lifestyle and diet. Unlike gastric banding, the operation is permanent and irreversible.

[adsense midpost]All surgery carries some degree of risk and it is important to be well-informed of this if you are considering gastric sleeve surgery in Alaska 99950 to help you lose weight and improve your health. The important thing is to discuss it thoroughly with a specialist medical professional and consider your options before making a decision. If you have struggled for years to lose weight and your health is failing as a result, gastric sleeve surgery in Edna Bay Alaska may well be an option.

Risks, Complications and Side Effects of the Gastric Sleeve in Edna Bay Alaska

There are numerous non-surgical methods to lose weight like controlled, low-calorie diet, frequent fat burning workouts, weight loss pills etc. but what if an individual fails to do so despite following strict dietary guidelines and exercise regimen. The answer is weight loss surgery. Patients with morbid obesity do not respond to traditional weight loss means, and undergoing the weight loss surgery could be a life-changing decision for them. It is estimated that 32.2 percent of men and about 35.5 percent of women in the United States are suffering from obesity. American people spend an estimated $40 billion annually on all types of weight-loss foods, products and programs. A variety of weight loss surgeries, including gastric bypass, Lap-Band, gastric application and gastric sleeve in Edna Bay Alaska, are increasing in popularity with morbidly obese patients who have tried in vain to lose weight through non-operative approaches.

sleeve gastrectomy Edna Bay 99950Gastric sleeve surgery in Edna Bay Alaska is one of the latest weight loss procedures in the area of bariatric surgery in Edna Bay Alaska. Technically known as the sleeve gastrectomy, this relatively new surgery has surged in popularity and has gained acceptance over the past several years. This surgery is known by several alternative names such as vertical sleeve gastrectomy, parietal gastrectomy and vertical gastroplasty. Laparoscopic techniques and advanced technologies have made this weight loss surgery a safe and effective bariatric operation, while minimizing some of the risks associated with all forms of bariatric procedures.

During gastric sleeve surgery in Alaska 99950, around 70-80% of the stomach is permanently removed, leaving a banana shaped “sleeve” or “tube” as the remaining usable portion that holds much less food than before. None of your intestines are rerouted during the procedure. Although it is the least complex type of bariatric surgery in Edna Bay Alaska with low risk of complications, it’s possible you’ll experience potential risks, side effects and complications following the surgery.

Acid reflux, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and dumping syndrome are some unpleasant, but common, complications that can be seen in patients after having a gastric sleeve in Edna Bay Alaska. Other potential side effects of the surgery are nausea and abdominal cramping. These problems generally are short-term and typically resolve as soon as you become acclimated to the new stomach anatomy. These complications, including the dumping syndrome, can be avoided by strictly following your physician’s recommendations.

Some serious surgical complications may include:

[adsense leadout] Stomach stretching that may lead to leakage at the staple site
Risk of leakage through the small openings in the operated organ
Internal bleeding may occur as the result of the stomach pouch extending
Severe wound infection
Organ injury
Bowel obstruction
Deep-vein thrombosis
Respiratory problems

If you’re considering gastric sleeve surgery in Edna Bay Alaska, it is important to understand the potential risks and complications associated with the surgery before deciding to have it. To really understand all of the possible complications and side effects you may face, you should discuss the surgery in detail with an expert bariatric surgeon in Edna Bay Alaska in order to determine your suitability for this type of weight loss surgery. Only a qualified and genuinely experienced weight loss surgeon can render medical judgments about your risk level, and provide information on complication and mortality rates associated with the fitting of a gastric sleeve in Edna Bay Alaska. bariatric eating Edna Bay AK 99950

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